Ghostdad, Porter Robinson’s Visual Artist, Launches Personal Website

Known for his work on Porter Robinson‘s Worlds visuals, Ghostdad has now launched an easter-egg filled personal website under Other than Worlds, his work with Porter has continued through Virtual Self and the Shelter Tour with Madeon.

The website is basically a MasterClass on website presentation in the best way. The cover page presents the artist’s logo surrounded by icons. Specifically, the icons display nudges of Ghostdad’s work, which you can interact with by clicking.

Ghostdad – real name Ryan Sciaino – has worked with many artists beyond Porter Robinson on visual projects as w ell. To name a few, his work hit the screens of Anna Lunoe, A-Trak, Chrome Sparks, Haywyre, Audien, Anamanaguchi, and many more. With many sections in his website, you’ll be led into the page under his real name at some point. On it, you’ll find a reel showcasing bits and pieces of his work while listing the producers he worked alongside.

Independent of his visual work, Ghostdad continues to produce music. You can find some of his work on the website. If you click on the hard drive icon on the upper right side, five songs will show up that you can play.

You should definitely visit the website to see Ghostdad’s gallery and give his music a listen. We’ll be waiting to see when and how he expands on his website and what it will entail.