Just a few weeks ago, Instagram received a long-awaited makeover that users have been begging for: dark mode. In addition, Apple’s iOS 13 rolled out, transforming the iOS interface with a pleasing dark mode as well. New beta sightings from Facebook hint the desktop site may be next in line for it’s dark mode overhaul. Soon, you’ll be able to run Facebook undercover when you should really be doing something else.

New reports show that select users are given the option to try out a “Facebook Beta”, when logging onto Facebook. The pop-up asks if you’d like to switch to dark mode. From there, you’d be able to switch back and forth, depending on your preferences. Do note: it’s completely random whether or not you’re chosen to test out the beta. As the word “beta” implies, this feature must be close to public release. Still, there are already some complaints from those that have been fortunate enough to try out the new dark mode.

Some users complain that the dark mode interferes with some text on their screen. It’s likely a problem that can be adjusted by the end of the beta. While Facebook Messenger also has a dark mode feature, there’s no sign yet whether the Facebook App will receive the same. We assume it will in the long run, as it’s much more pleasing to the eye in low light and nighttime use. Additionally, devices with OLED displays will see improved battery life and darker blacks and whites.

Let us know if you were one of the lucky ones who got to try out the Facebook Beta and if you liked the dark mode.