Essential, a new type of company, focuses on creating consumer technology. Founded by Andy Rubin, a former Google employee accused of sexual misconduct allegations, created the first Essential phone. Today, he teased the idea of a new device. It is called Project GEM.

Originally, their device PH-1 came with a lot of industry flaws but still sort of ahead of its time. It is a phone that seemingly compares to the Pixel and Android 10. Rubin, and his employees tweeted about this new device so let’s take a look.

About The Device

It looks like an iPhone in the shape of an Amazon Firestick. Its small shape shows off a unique design. The device also comes in a few different colors, and it has a front and back facing camera. There also appears to be an indent for a fingerprint sensor. Its interface looks nothing like Android, but we do see Spotify on there. Perhaps they utilize a custom piece of software.

No logos, no writing, and a shiny back–Essential takes simplicity to its finest. This doesn’t look like a high end smartphone. I don’t think you could even replace your current one for this one.

The main experience factor of this phone is something that the original one had as well. It is know for its AI assistant that automatically performs tasks for you. A voice commanded phone seems dubious but an interesting concept nonetheless.

You simply tap the divot on the back, and the “fingerprint walkie talkie” turns on. We aren’t sure what to do with it, but it would be interesting to know more.

“We believe simple is always better and technology should work for you. Essential Phone is the first product that reflects our vision.” – Andy Rubin

Looks like they are trying to reframe our perspective on mobile devices. What do you think?