Eric Prydz Talks With Zane Lowe to Celebrate Pryda 15 & EPIC Radio

To celebrate both 15 years of Pryda and the return of his EPIC Radio Show on Apple Music, Eric Prydz sat down with Zane Lowe to chat about a range of topics.

If you thought Eric’s music was good, the guy is just so interesting to listen to. Maybe it’s his voice or something, but you get the sense you could listen to him just talk about things for an hour and not get bored. One of the first tidbits he describes is that he makes music for the purpose of playing in live sets. He will test out a track for the crowd and then refine it based on crowd reaction. He says “Pjanoo” was the easiest to make, and that he made it in a day. After thinking the new track would blow the roof off, the crowd was not feeling it at all so he shelved the track for two years. After finally playing it again the track finally blew up.

He talks about trying to predict when a record is a hit, his preference for melody and structure over featured vocalists, the wisdom of going to school for music, and going to therapists for his fear of flying. He even refers to his famous “Call On Me” as a ‘crap Eric Prydz track’ and discusses the notion that he was a founding member of Swedish House Mafia. Listen to the whole chat below.

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