Borgore Drops New Album ‘The Art Of Gore’

Israeli DJ/Producer Borgore dropped his new album The Art of Gore last week. Without a doubt, the five-year wait was worth it, as Borgore delivers a masterpiece only he could produce.

Let’s be honest, The Buygore Album felt more like a compilation, rather than an artist’s album. However, this time, TAOG brings a brand new, yet very much Borgore sound to the EDM world. Taken from every specter that makes up the crazy DJ, and bringing many crazy collaborators on board, Borgore shows us that he plays on his own league.

Borgore has been known for doing the craziest things like collaborating with pornographic pages to dropping jazz albums. Undoubtedly, Borgore believes art can be found everywhere, and he exploits this philosophy.

Borgore Live Playing
There’s no genre that can contain Israeli DJ Borgore

Ranging from the heaviest, rawest bass to the most energetics, well, Borgore songs, TAOG is on its way to become one of 2019’s most popular bass albums. The album features a series of verses delivered by Borgore himself. While he might not be the greatest rapper alive, he manages to match perfectly with the energy in his songs. A selection of some of the best collaborators out there such as adult-films superstar Abella Danger proves that Borgore will forever stay Borgore.

Stream The Art Of Gore below