Audien has made a name for himself by producing melodic vocal tracks that has captivated listeners all over the world. He is currently getting ready to release his next EP called ‘Escapism’ on November 8th. While we wait for this new EP, Audien just released a brand new single called ‘Reach’ with Jamie Hartman.

Similar to his previous releases, ‘Reach’ is a fun melodic track that features Jamie Hartman. Jamie is a Grammy award nominated producer that has produced tracks for Kygo, The Backstreet Boys and Jennifer Hudson to just name a few. ‘Reach’ is a good representation of Audien’s life as he is going through a transitional period. When speaking on the new track, Audien stated the following:

It’s a tough, transitional time, and I find myself reaching for something that I know is not right, or something my heart wants, but my mind doesn’t. Time will always heal pain, I’m just now embarking on the healing process and this song has helped me rationalize it all.

Audien is set to kick off his headlining nationwide tour named after his Escapism EP on November 15th. While we await his new EP and accompanying tour, be sure to check out his new track with Jamie Hartman called ‘Reach’.