Sometimes, we just need to reconnect with our past. For Andrew Bayer, doing just that gave rise to his latest EP, Parallels. Given the level of craft behind Parallels, the EP reconfirms Bayer’s reputation as a visionary in the trance scene.

Inspired by the sounds of the early days of his career, Parallels showcases Bayer’s reinvention of analog club sounds.  It also serves as a mesmerizing representation of Bayer’s journey of self-discovery.  By incorporating everything from “hyper emotive string sections augmented by modular synth patterns, to more whimsical tuned percussive ear worms,” Bayer once again proves himself as a mastermind in electronic music. 

As much as we can write, no one can explain his motivation better than Bayer himself. Here’s his full “TED talk“, as shared through a Facebook post.

The Tracks

Parallels begins with a track of the same name. A solid 12-minute piece, ‘Parallels’ takes fans on a musical journey. Intertwined with his classic analog sounds, it serves as a powerful opening statement to the album.  From progressive layers of invigorating synths to energetic snares, the track also nods to the importance of classic sound design.

‘Parallels’ is then followed by ‘True Feelin‘ and ‘Bottle Top Trance,’ both of which were released prior to the EP. That leaves ‘Voltage Control’ as the other new track of the album. Featured in Above & Beyond‘s set at ABGT350, the track carries a playful energy with its cascading top lines that can keep any crowd exhilarated.

Digging what you hear? Don’t forget to catch Andrew Bayer on his Parallels tour, which is currently in full swing.  Check out the remainder of his tour schedule, and listen to Parallels below! 

Andrew Bayer – Parallels EP