This week marks Will Clarke’s first EP release, Nothing Is Forever, with Drumcode’s sister label, Truesoul. Nothing Is Forever is diverge for the artist formerly known for bouncy house tracks with Dirtybird Records. This transition can be recognized by listeners through Will Clarke’s decision not to include vocals on any of the three EP tracks. Listeners first hear, ‘Mucaj’, with it’s strong instrumental sounds. Then, the EP transitions deeper into the techno genre over the course of the three tracks. The final track, ‘Meta’, features steady warehouse beats bringing together the EP for a common ground between techno and tech-house. 

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Over the past few years, Will Clarke has been moving more into the techno realm. In 2018 he collaborated with Sian to create AMOK on Octopus Recordings. Their tech-house collaboration could be heard at Hard Festival 2019. Six months ago he released a track on Truesoul with Eli Brown called ‘Our Love’. This began showing his movement into techno sound.

Will Clarke also created a remix of ‘Your Mind’ by Drumcode artists Adam Beyer and Bart Skils. It looks like Will Clarke could be moving away from his house music days and into the world of techno.