TVBOO & sfam – Dahshigo (VIP)

TVBOO is back with another hard hitting bass track and this time it’s a collbaoration with sfam. This is a track that you have probably heard in their live performances before and wondered what track it is. The duo of sfam and TVBOO have been holding this one out for over a year now but has been a fan favorite on the dancefloor since it’s debut. To further entice fans, this version of ‘Dahshigo’ was given the VIP treatment.

When speaking on the VIP mix of ‘Dahshigo’ TVBOO stated the following:

“After a year of laying waste to crowds with the original, we reckoned it was time to re-amp this bad boy. Also I’ll use any excuse to sit down with the sfam boys. Every time we get together it’s a lot of fun and we flow very well together. Low key a little sad this is being released cuz it’s been that unreleased gem in every set since we made this.” 

Sometimes when you just genuinely click with your collaborative partner, it’s just easier to spark a heavy bass track. sfam also commented the following on their collaboration:

“We were so happy with the response from the original that we knew we had to make a VIP. We make songs with TVBOO all the time anyways so one day we decided to finally make it happen and boy are we happy we did.”

Check out the sfam and TVBOO’s new track, ‘Dahshigo (VIP)’ below now!