Tinlicker Closes Out Summer With Their New Track, “Need You”

Festival season is quite a liberating and draining experience. Luckily, for us that choose to partake, this part of the year can open many doors. The one obvious door is meeting others from all over the world that become lifelong friends. The second, for some, is the possibility of summer love.

The duo, Tinlicker, from the Utrecht have certainly encompassed the exciting and anxious feelings one may develop with their song, “Need You“, coming from their debut album. This Is Not Our Universe will be debuting on September 27th.

New Zealand singer and producer, Thomas Oliver, lends his velvety and light voice all throughout the 3 min and 34 second track and other tracks by the up-and-comers:

“Thomas Oliver has been a friend of the family ever since he appeared on Black Sun Empire’s ‘All Is Lost’ for the first time. This tune has a very nice feel-good vibe for us, and that is mainly due to Thomas’ vocals. We tried to make the instrumental elements fit around it as well as possible.”

I have been fortunate to have found and experienced love through my festival career. when I listened to this track for the first time, it all came running back; I felt the easiness of the long light-filled days and the longing to continue experiencing all those moments with that person. To hold on to the quick love but slightly worry about real life approaching. This song says the words that may be hard for one or both involved. This track is easy to just…exist and enjoy.

For the future, go ahead and learn more information about the duo and check out their tour schedule here! Vinyls of the album and other bundles are available, as well. (Check out the artwork!).