The Copenhagen based DJ and producer, Snavs have been pretty busy in the studio this year and have already put out a handful of tracks. As the summer has come to a close, Snavs and UNKWN have teamed up for a brand new hard hitting banger called ‘I Can Feel’. The track is released on Big Beat records and is out now.

Snavs has been an active producer for quite a few years now. Since his emergence on to the scene, he has put out some of the hardest bangers out there. It comes as no surprise his new single with UNKWN is just as heavy since the two artists both produce hard dropping tracks. ‘I Can Feel’ presents different elements from various genres of dance music. Featuring sounds of bass, house and trap, the track is masterly produced by Snavs and UNKWN to create a unique track. Check out their collaboration of ‘I Can Feel’ below now!