Our favorite alien, REZZ, just released her Beyond The Senses EP back in July. However, the new music is not stopping anytime soon. The other day, she premiered a brand new collaboration with Yultron. REZZ & Yultron have never worked together before, so this new crossover is certainly unique.

REZZ had already confirmed that a collaboration between the two producers was in the works. At Bumbershoot in Seattle, WA, a fan recorded a video of her debuting the track live. Take a listen to the REZZ & Yultron collab down below.

No doubt, it’s a little faster and bouncier for REZZ. Yultron appears to showcase his signature, up-tempo flare to the track.

REZZ is extremely engaged with her fans on Twitter, so it was only natural for her to share the track on the social platform. Needless to say, fans are extremely hyped about it.

Both artists have had an extremely successful year thus far. This upcoming release displays the genre crossover that we have been seeing more and more in the electronic music world.

There’s no title for the record or official release date yet, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. For even more updates, check out @OfficialRezz on Twitter.