Study Shows People Spend More Time And Money On The Dancefloor

Deltic Night Index released its twelfth edition. This piece of research proves that UK people are clubbing more and spending more money and time than never. This trend has not changed since the previous three years.

This investigation is oriented to study nightlife in our society. A group of 2,300 people were surveyed about their nights out habits, not only clubbing but also pubs, cinema or other activities.

The price of a night out increased by 15.5% between January and March this year. Despite the possibility of a drop in sales, people are spending more money. Deltic Night Index states that expenses on drinks and food in bars and pubs grew by over 10%. These are good news for the nightlife industry.

In addition to the information regarding costs, we can find interesting data like the average cost of a night out in 2019, which was £70.69. An amount of 58.5% of people claimed that they know their budget, and 23.1% promised to themselves not to exceed that budget. This report also throws geographical information. Glaswegians spend around £76.90 per night, settling as the national maximum. On the other hand, those in Nottingham are spending an average of £65.26 per night.

Approximately 58.1% of UK people go out at least once a week. Despite the increase of prices, a nothing at all depreciable 39.4% of the people stays three to four hours in their nights out. The amount of people partying harder and surpassing the six hours mark is around 37.2% of the people.