Just yesterday, Netflix announced a new plan for a couple of shows that left many in a panic. The new plan consists of releasing some shows on a weekly schedule, rather than all at once. Many of us who subscribe to Netflix, are accustomed to the ability to watch an entire new series in one sitting. What’s better than staying inside all day, binging your favorite shows?

Almost immediately, fans showed their discontent over the proposed experiment. Many Netflix users out there have more of an on and off plan, rather than staying subscribed all year long. A week by week release schedule would force users to stay subscribed for the duration of the show, rather than unsubscribing once watching the entire series in one sitting.

Before getting too upset, we’ll make it clear that Netflix is only testing this new release plan on two shows. According to an official Tweet by Netflix, only The Great British Baking Show and Rhythm & Flow will be impacted. In fact, The Great British Baking Show has already been on this type of schedule in the past. The streaming site is only considering this plan for Rhythm and Flow, “in hopes of keeping the winner a surprise”.

Competitors like HBO and Amazon Prime already release many, if not all of their series on a weekly basis. A show’s weekly schedule certainly keeps the anticipation and “talk” fresh over time. But unfortunately, it’s 2019 and we want everything ASAP. What are your thoughts; would you prefer Netflix stick to their roots or change more shows to a weekly release format?