Dutch YouTuber & Friend Arrested After Trespassing Near Area 51

Remember the Storm Area 51 Facebook Event created back in June? With the September 20th start day soon approaching, government officials are preparing for whomever actually decides to show up. Just last week, a Dutch YouTuber and his friend were arrested after trespassing into the Nevada National Security Site. While this site is separate from Area 51 located nearby, they now face major fines and possible jail time.

According to reports, law enforcement responded to the Nevada National Security Site after someone spotted the two within the perimeter. Ties Granzier, 20, and Govert Sweep, 21, were immediately arrested upon police arrival. Police later found an illegally parked car that belonged to the men. The parked vehicle was also located within the restricted area. Inside the vehicle, officials found a laptop, camera, and drone. In a statement, Granzier said:

“We didn’t have any intention to storm it because we leave on day before the actual storming dates.”

To Make It Worse…

After further examination, officials found footage of the restricted facility on the camera. According to Granzier and Sweep, they had no intention of attending the supposed raid on the 20th. All they wanted to do was see the secret military base with their own eyes. Still, “No Trespassing” signs are impossible to ignore when approaching the area. Police state that the two individuals could read and write English perfectly, but chose to ignore the warnings.

Since their arrest, both Granzier and Sweeps have plead guilty to trespassing and illegal parking. Luckily for them, their original 1 year jail sentence was suspended. Now, the two will only end up spending three days in county jail if they each pay a fine of $2,280 on September 19th. Let this be a lesson to remember the next time someone says trespassing on government property is a good idea.