Deadmau5′ here’s the drop! is a Remix Album

Yesterday, deadmau5 announced that he’s releasing a brand new remix album via the mau5trap social media accounts. The album is titled ‘here’s the drop‘ and will see its release on mau5trap, of course. The official release date is on October 4, 2019.

The announcement came in the form of a blurred out track list. However, fans have deciphered most of it already. The “estimated” track list comes from a reddit post. However, this is not confirmed and is subject to change or to be incorrect. Either way, this track list is stacked and builds hype for the remix album.

  1. Imaginary Friends (Morgan Page Remix)
  2. Luxuria (Tinlicker Remix)
  3. Coelacanth (Gregory Reveret Remix)
  4. Acedia (Rinzen Remix)
  5. Avaritia (Seismal D Remix)
  6. Monophobia (Sian Remix)
  7. Gula (Pig & Dan Remix)
  8. Invidia (No Mana Remix)
  9. Unjaded (Mad Zach Remix)
  10. Ira (Gallya Remix)
  11. Fn Pig (Spencer Brown Remix)
  12. HR 8938 Cephei (Mr. Bill Remix)
  13. Superbia (Matt Lange Remix)
  14. Caritas (Dom Kane Remix)
  15. Strobe (PEEKABOO Remix)

There are some serious names on this list. Mau5trap mainstays No Mana and Rinzen make appearances while Anjunabeats powerhouse Spencer Brown also is included. Tinlicker‘s ‘Luxuria’ remix will surely be a standout along with an ‘Imaginary Friends’ remix from Morgan Page.

We can’t wait for this deadmau5 remix album to finally release. Let us know what you think of these possible remixes for the album.