Brownies & Lemonade have partnered up with Soundcloud Rival, Audius. The Los Angeles-based company is famous for throwing events with secret lineups. Their publicity and marketing expertise via social channels will be a big help for the growth of Audius. Overall, the goal of this platform is to be an inclusive space that encourages experimentation.

Some of the artists that Brownies & Lemonade has linked to the Audius streaming platform include deadmau5, REZZ, Zeds Dead and 3LAU. After years of building their brand and a dedicated following, Brownies and Lemonade is in an extremely good position to support Audius. In addition, their assortment of relationships with both top tier DJ’s and producers, as well as up and coming artists, in extremely valuable. This is extremely appealing to potential new users of the platform.

In a post on their Instagram, Brownies and Lemonade state:

“For years, we haven’t had a reliable streaming platform for user generated content like remixes, edits, bootlegs, sampling, experimentation, etc. Audius aims to be the solution. Putting the power back in the hands of the creator.”

The Mission

Audius has a straight-forward mission: “Creating a decentralized and open-source streaming music platform controlled by artists, fans, & developers.” A streaming platform of this sort provides a different kind of access for listeners and artists alike. There is more room for experimentation and remixes – one of the reasons it differs from other services like Spotify.

The platform is steadily building, and is posed to become a reliable, open community for music experimentation. If you are not a member of Audius yet, you can check it out here .