The benefit concert for mental health awareness and suicide prevention in honor of late Swedish Producer/DJ Avicii has now officially sold-out.

After the shocking artist’s passing in 2018, mental health became a trending topic both inside and outside the EDM scene. DJs like Hardwell and Carnage decided to take a break from music in order to improve their own mental health. The pressure DJs suffer during their careers took the spotlight. The stress, the depression, and the inhumane effort artists face every day impacted the community as a whole.

Avicii’s Legacy

Even after leaving this world, Avicii left enough music to make sure his already amazing legacy will never be forgotten. The release of his posthumous album ‘Tim’, finished by his close friends and collaborators, topped the global charts, reached the #1 spot on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart, and, as of today, has sold over a billion copies. All proceeds from the album go the Tim Bergling Foundation. The foundation, created by Avicii’s family honors the life of the musician and helps solve a series of global issues he cared for.

The Avicii Tribute Concert

Along with this, the EDM community was able to find a light inside all of this darkness. Just days ago, his family and close friends announced a tribute concert dedicated to the artist. The concert packs a lineup full of both Avicii’s friends and collaborators. In addition, the concert will also include a 30 piece band. The two hours ‘Avicii Tribute Concert’ sets out to become the biggest expression of love and respect dedicated to the Swedish musician.

Avicii’s father, Klas Berling, declared “Tim had plans for his music to be performed together with a large live band, and now we are realizing his dream and giving fans a chance to experience his music in this unique way,”.

Immediately, the love from the fans poured from all over the world. The concert tickets came out today. are already sold out. Certainly, Avicii continues to be one of the biggest names, in the global music industry. His fans all over the world still remember him and his work with love.

The Avicii Tribute Concert’ will take place this year, on December 5th. All proceeds will go support the Tim Bergling Foundation. You can check the lineup and information regarding the Tim Bergling foundation here.