WAX MOTIF Releases New Collab With Diddy & Label Launch For ‘Divided Souls’


Amidst the burgeoning era of mainstream dance music stands Wax Motif, a man whose music continues to defy all norms. Coming together with quintessential rap legend Diddy, Wax Motif releases his highly anticipated heater, ‘Divided Souls‘ along with his label launch, Divided Souls Records.

Wax Motif – Divided Souls (feat. Diddy)

At the beginning of this month, Danny Chien aka Wax Motif launched his very own label, Divided Souls Records. Chien has been teasing this track, tactically slipping it into numerous amounts of his sets prior to release. As a connoisseur with the finest palate for G-house sounds, Waxxy’s new song hits the ball out of the park. It’s a song that preaches his branding and PSA to fellow DJs who aren’t afraid to “play the 20-minute version to the two mother f***ers who understand it. Keeping it real to his craft, ‘Divided Souls’ embarks a simple, yet progressive beat that unfolds to Diddy’s profound rapping. The song transgresses through a driving bass line, ricocheting hi-hats amidst a myriad of stirring plucks. It’s a song that hits hard and hits deep with a powerful message. ‘Divided Souls’ is supported by notable acts like Malaa, Tchami, and DJ Snake, as it’s created turbulence in their infamous EDC Las Vegas and Hard Summer sets.

Divided Souls Records

Akin to the name of the track, ‘Divided Souls‘ springs from the multifaceted passions that fuel Wax Motif’s creative visions. His unique sound draws influence from elements of house, hip hop, electro, and bass. Crossovers between his love for dance music and hip hop are notable in his House of Wax radio shows which also feature an hour of hip hop under ‘Wax Caviar.’ Remaining true to his ethos, Wax is a certified OG when it comes to the tactical execution of his tracks. Having multiple releases on labels like Night Bass, Spinnin’, Musical Freedom, Confession, Mad Decent, and now his very own label, Wax Motif is ready to build his own empire. ‘Divided Souls’ is a label that will serve to infringe the boundaries of different genres.

“It says something about people in general, but also about myself and my music. I like rap — most people know that — and I like house music. I think a lot of people don’t see them in the same sphere, but I also think a lot of people like different genres now. There isn’t a kid out there that doesn’t like some DJ and Migos or whatever. The crossover is pretty strong, so it’s a reflection of that, not really feeling like it’s from one side of the coin or the other.”

Wax Motif in an interview with Billboard

House of Wax

Earlier this year, Wax Motif performed a sold-out show at Academy LA and held his very own car show in the back lot with the help of his friends at Garage Life. He’s performed at multiple festivals so far like, Night Bass City, EDC Las Vegas, Ever After Music Festival, with more to come. Getting down to his gamer roots, he also recently competed in Wave 5 of Fortnite ProAm with fellow Australian DJ/Producer, Alison Wonderland. This upcoming Labor Day weekend, Wax is set to perform at Electric Zoo in New York on the AMF stage. Be sure to stay tuned for his upcoming tour dates and join the “wax gang” here.

Stream “Divided Souls ft. Diddy” now: https://fanlink.to/DividedSouls

Wax Motif Tokyo Drift Car Show at Academy LA (OHDAGYO)