[WATCH] Madeon’s Good Faith Live Debut

The wait for Madeon‘s Good Faith live show is now over with the debut at Lollapalooza. Announcing the show, Hugo built up some heavy anticipation from his fans as to how the show will unfold. Luckily for fans not attending the music festival, Madeon’s live show was live-streamed on Saturday.

Launching the Good Faith era in full effect, Madeon introduced the world to his new show with none other than ‘Dream Dream Dream‘ and ‘All My Friends‘. Hugo clearly wanted to kick off his new live set with the staples which introduced the project in the first place. Onwards, the French producer brings forth a number of IDs. Diving into the set, you’ll be greeted with a number of old releases defining Madeon’s previous works too. From his collaboration with Porter Robinson, ‘Shelter‘ to ‘Pop Culture‘, no era seems to be left behind.

Experience Madeon’s Good Faith tour for yourself by getting tickets to his tour. You can watch and listen to Madeon’s Good Faith live set from Lollapalooza on Soundcloud below!

Tracklist according to upload’s description:

Madeon – Dream Dream Dream (Intro Edit)
Madeon – All My Friends (Good Faith Live Edit)
Martin Solveig – The Night Out 
w/ Madeon – Pay No Mind (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Madeon – ID (No Fear)
Madeon – Dream Dream Dream
Madeon – Icarus (Good Faith Live Edit)
Madeon – ID
Madeon – Imperium
w/ Madeon – You’re On 
w/ Madeon – Pop Culture
w/ Madeon – OK (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Good Faith Live VIP)
Madeon – You’re On (Good Faith Live Edit)
Madeon – ID (Only There)
w/ Madeon – Finale
Madeon – NYE 2019 ID 
w/ Madeon – Dream Dream Dream (Good Faith Live Edit)
Madeon – Technicolor 
w/ Madeon – Innoncence (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Madeon – ID (Forever)
w/ Madeon – La Lune
w/ Madeon – Pixel Empire (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Madeon – ID (Miracle) (Good Faith Live)
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Live)
w/ Madeon – All My Friends (Good Faith Live Mashup)