Los Angeles based DJ and producer Valentino Khan has just released his EP ‘House Party‘. The massive six-track EP full of dance floor smashers. First of all, here’s the track list in full:

  1. Valentino Khan & Chris Lorenzo – Flip the Switch
  2. Valentino Khan – What’s Your Name
  3. Valentino Khan – Pony
  4. Valentino Khan – BRB
  5. Valentino Khan & Wuki – Better (feat. Roxanna)
  6. Valentino Khan – JustYourSoul feat. Diplo

This six-track collection features three new tracks alongside previously released singles including the early summer anthem ‘Pony,’ vibey house collaboration ‘JustYourSoul‘ with Diplo, and the in-your-face, sassy and sultry ‘Better‘ with Wuki. Valentino released ‘Flip the Switch’ just a day before the EP release, giving it a hard-hitting opener for ‘House Party’. Tech house and classic four-on-the-floor house influences are strong throughout all the tracks, but each has their own unique sound – from the bouncy ‘What’s Your Name‘ to the driving beat of ‘BRB‘.

In conclusion, Valentino created tunes perfect for your walks with headphones on or a full club sound system.

I set out to make an EP with a simple concept: great house music. I wanted you to be able to listen to the music anywhere – driving in the car, in your bedroom, at the club or played out at a festival. I also wanted to bring in some collaborators that I felt have always been pushing boundaries in DiploWuki & Chris Lorenzo. So here’s my ‘House Party‘ EP. I’m truly proud to release this body of work to the world. Listen to this everywhere and anywhere.”

Valentino Khan

All in all, this EP is great house music. You can listen to it here now or down below. Let us know what you think of this new EP.