The Unexpected Benefits of Listening to Techno

If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you would agree that electronic music makes people feel pretty damn good. But now, techno lovers get an incontestable reason to justify their love towards that unabating, minimalist four-on-the-floor beat.  So what’s that special element in techno that makes it different from the other genres?  

Physicality.  Turns out the human body likes that.  The repetitive thud, thud, thud of techno echoes our heartbeat, each beat sending positive energy that reverberates both physically and mentally through the mind and soul, leaving no space for stress, doubt, and all that bad stuff.     

The simplicity of the techno sound also simplifies one’s thinking, with its characteristic repetitiveness giving it an almost hypnotic, spiritual property that paradoxically helps one transcend the banality of life. Meanwhile, the repetition of techno resonates with the idea of persistence that more often than not sparks motivation.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about science. Studies have also shown that non-vocal, instrumental music is positively correlated with better cognitive function. And going back to basics, when you hear techno, you dance. You feel. You enjoy the togetherness with everyone blissfully dancing around you. As research suggested, regardless of personal differences, individuals exhibited synchronization in several brain areas when listening to the same music. This is why at that moment, strangers are no longer strangers because music has that powerful ability to unite.

So go ahead and pop on some techno and dance your stress away.  Here are Tomorrowland’s Best Techno Sets from Weekend Two to get you started.