New Dog Blood music? Yes, you heard that right! Skrillex took to Instagram to announce that Dog Blood’s collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign will be coming soon. Titled, ‘Midnight Hour‘, it was first played by Dog Blood during the MMW Brownies & Lemonade party.

As many already know, Dog Blood is the power duo formed by Skrillex and Boys Noize back in 2012. They debuted their Middle Finger EP the same year and then Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP in 2013. Fast forward six years and they finally returned from a hiatus with their Turn Off The Lights EP. With the most recent announcement of the upcoming ‘Midnight Hour’, we’re sure their loyal fans are ecstatic.

As seen in the screenshot above, Skrill doesn’t say much other than the track is ‘coming soon’. While a bit vague, we can expect that the date is close since the duo have recently been more active. They will be playing at Electric Zoo at the end of the month so here’s hoping to a release day before then!

In other Dog Blood news, they picked the winner of their June fan art design contest which can be read about here.