Shaq Speaking on Music Festivals Will Warm Your Heart

It’s no secret that DJ Diesel aka Shaquille O’Neal, has been a big topic of discussion in EDM recently. The 7-foot-1 DJ is now giving more people a reason to talk after an interview with SiriusXM.

In the interview video clip shared on Twitter by SiriusXM, Shaq talks with Gray Rizzy abour festivals and DJing. DJ Diesel talks about his start when he picked up a SP1200 Gemini mixer from a pawn shop in 1988. From then, he began to mix, blend and scratch before stepping away to make albums.

Shaq then goes on to talk about his need for an adrenaline boost after retiring from the NBA in 2011. To find that adrenaline boost, he went to Tomorrowland and said he had “never seen nothing like that” before.

Uniquely, DJ Diesel played his own set on the mainstage at Tomorrowland this July and moshed with the crowd for Modestep‘s set later that day.

In the interview clip, the now internationally recognized DJ talked about the similarities between sports and music.

“…no matter what you got going on in your life, stress, problems, whatever, it’s two things that’ll stop everything you’re thinking about negatively – that’s sports and music.”

In the last part of the interview clip, DJ Diesel touches on how much he receives for playing a show. Shaq revealed that he’s “not getting paid anything” for his sets and instead does it “for the sport of bass music”. A commendable act for any artist.

You can watch the full video clip below.