New Pixel 4 Leaks Show Off Complete Device

If you’re looking to upgrade your current cellphone, the Pixel 4 may tick all of your boxes! Recently, several up-close photos of the new device leaked, and trust us, you’ll be impressed by most of the fresh upgrades!

While many of you are probably loyal iPhone owners, you know the Pixel 3 is the go-to camera in group situations or any situation really. Due to the recent detailed Pixel 4 leak, consumers have an in-depth look into the new attributes.

Leaked Photos (2):

Pixel 4 detailed leak
Pixel 4 detailed leak

If we begin to compare the Pixel 3 to the Pixel 4, based on the images shared to Twitter by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, we can immediately see that the speaker is over so slightly different; its grill is moderately taller.

The device’s screen measures a welcomed 5.7-inches and is perfectly accompanied by a sleek and thin overall design. It can also be assumed that the device is running Android 10 when referred to the leaked images.

The photos also show some quite intricate Assistant handles as well as a gesture navigation bar, hinting that some newly designed features have been installed. Not to mention, the shapes towards the top of the device could be a live wallpaper.

Furthermore, based on the released images, the back of the device is practically mirrored and gently curved. The photo shows that the phone made out of glass, so be sure to get a good case!

There are several other amazing features including a 16MP telephoto lens and a sizable flash unit. We look forward to discovering more of these new features. All in all, it’s looking like a great piece of equipment, so far!