i_o Unleashes Dark Techno EP ‘House of God’

Beneath the seams of the overabundance of happy-go-lucky EDM, there lies the realm of i_o‘s House of God EP. Raising techno demons from the depths of the mau5trap label, i_o brings us his biggest and darkest EP release to date.

Los Angeles based producer, Garrett Lockhart (i_o), has been practicing the dark arts of techno since 2017. In 2019, he performed his first Ultra set, played EDC: Las Vegas, and is on the infectious rise to conquer more with his virulent sound.

Coding The ‘House of God’

The House of God EP takes us through a four-song journey into the all-embracing depths of i_o‘s sound. Each song contains different elements of his sound that deliver unique vibes for every track. Imagine stepping into a large underground warehouse to experience these contagious songs.

Starting with a nebulous opening, ‘Possession’ is the first track transporting us to a classic rave warehouse setting. The second track, ‘House of God’ rings out to us the most with its deceptive use of thumping kicks nestled into a long, progressing snare roll build-up with a galvanizing bassline. Looming with darkness, the vocals draw us in even further to the depths, “I keep on talking to myself at night, that’s when the demons come alive at night.”

By the third track, ‘Ghost In The Machine,’ the album shifts into a more minimal, yet uplifting melodic essence. Closing out with Raito as a collaborating partner, ‘Come With Me’ gives us six-minutes of 130 BPM, hard techno bliss. It’s the perfect song to hear at any peaking hour of the night at any major festival or club.

Watch Out For This “Techno Malware”

Coining himself as “techno malware,” i_o executes House of God with a magnetism that we just can’t put down. Showing us the spectrum of his creative sound design, i_o has worked on remixes and collaborations with artists like Above & Beyond and Jauz. There’s something special about this rising artist that will surely innovate the future of dance music. Want to see i_o in your town? Check his tour dates here.

techno was born in the United States. techno grew up in Europe. it’s time to bring techno home 🏴

Posted by I_o on Sunday, June 2, 2019