Gorgon City & MK – There For You

Powerful house DJs Gorgon City and MK (Marc Kinchen) collaborated to produce the fiery end of summer track, ‘There For You’. The track combines the strong vocals typical of MK’s style and the unique sounds and unexpected beats iconic of Gorgon City. 

The track starts with a strong house beat and begins to incorporate the catchy lyrics “there for you” which are balanced nicely between musical interludes. When wrapping up this surefire track, Gorgon City and MK add a funky house beat separate from the rest of the track, leaving listeners begging for more. 

When listening to ‘There For You’, you’ll be surprised it took until now for these two DJ powerhouses to collaborate. This track is a nod to these DJs’ continued success over the past five years through tracks such as MKs top hit ‘17’ and Gorgon City’s popular track ‘Real Life’. ‘There For You’ is sure to carry listeners through the end of summer and into the fall and hopefully will lead to future collaborations between these DJs.