D.O.D Chats with EDMTunes Ahead of Tomorrowland Set

On Saturday of Tomorrowland 2019 Weekend 2 Axwell’s Axtone Label took over the Freedom Stage for a day of amazing music. We caught up with rising star D.O.D right ahead of his mid-day Axtone Stage set to chat about his music, Tomorrowland, and more. You can peep his set below!


S: I’m Scott from EDMTunes here with D.O.D and we’re at day 2 of Tomorrowland week 2. So this isn’t your first time here right?

D: Pretty sure it’s like the fifth time I’ve been here or something like that so ya…it feels good to be back, crowd’s buzzing, can’t wait to play.

S: and have you always played at Axtone stage every year?

D: No I’ve actually played…the first time I actually played here it was in the Dim Mak arena when I released a track on Steve Aoki’s label. This was years and years ago and I played B2B with Afrojack on this stage 2 years ago…so yeah, 2 different stages around here, but Axtone is obviously always the sickest one.

S: Yeah, How was it transitioning from that type of sound with Dim Mak and Afrojack over to Axtone?

D: Yeah, I mean I think it’s come naturally to be honest. Like, I…I think it’s a little bit housier. My UK roots are a lot housier anyway. So it feels good man, it feels good to be playing and making the music that I want to make.

S: Yeah, absolutely. So obviously you know the news that the Freedom stage over here had a little bit of a problem over the weekend, so what do you think about the solution they came up with?

D: Do you know what?…it’s a UK term, I’m not even arsed. Like, whatever the people here are happy and at the end of the day, safety over anything. I’m just happy to be here, the crowd is going to be going either way come rain or shine.

S: Is it gonna change the vibe of your set at all? Are you going to play anything differently?

D: Um…maybe some less summery tracks. I think I’ve pretty much got in my mind what I want to play. I’ll just have to see how the crowd is. You Just have to adapt to how the crowd is there and then.

S: So what do you have musically coming up in 2019?

D: I just released a track, a remix of Steve Angello ‘Be’ which is out now on Mixmash. I’ve got an EP coming out on Axtone, a two track EP. Also, got a remix for my latest record on Axtone which is called (‘Caught In Space’???) with Cedric Gervais on a remix (???) and some other new talent that we’re trying to push. So ya, lots of new stuff coming up man!

S: That’s awesome! So, any plans or any aspirations to try to do any collaboration with the full Swedish House Mafia trio at some point?

D: Oh I mean everybody would love that wouldn’t they?! I don’t know man, I have a working relationship with them so, you know, I speak with Axwell a lot, and he gives me a lot of good feedback, so ya, who knows!

S: So what can we expect from your set?

D: Bangers! A lot of high energy stuff, housy stuff, just D.O.D music!

S: Thanks for talking to us and have a good set!

D: Thank you