Calò d’en Serral, a beach in Ibiza, has been close due to an outbreak of E. coli contamination. High levels of human excrement in the water caused this.

“Important point: As a result of an episode of biological contamination, we had to close the [beach]. It will reopen as soon as the tests confirm that normality has been restored.” -the local council of Sant Josep

A spokesman added that the latest tests detected E.coli above authorized limits. Emissions from passing boats contained enough excrement to contribute to this.

Swimmers continue to ignore the warnings, despite signs being put up. They risk their health by swimming and snorkeling. While environmental health chiefs have strongly warned against this, what else could be done?

This popular beach is a small cove of sand and rocks located in the Bay of Sant Antoni de Portmany. It is an area of high foot traffic, especially from tourists. The summer fills it up with nautical sports as well.

Contamination of Calò d’en Serral is happening for the second time. Three years ago, overflow discharge from a pumping station power failure. Its sewage inundated the waters with excrement as well.

Those choosing to ignore the warnings say it is because the water looks fine. Normally, a contaminated ocean would give off a foul smell and have brown sludge.

Samples will be taken every two days until the water content returns to normal. There are no known pipe fractures this time around. With high boat traffic as well, these ships are definitely stirring something up.

To each their own, we suppose. Let’s just remember that symptoms of an E. coli infection cause severe digestive issues. Depending on the strain, it can also be highly contagious. Through contaminated food or water, you never know if you are safe until authorities deem so.

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