Altercation Involving KAAZE Breaks Out at Big Slap Festival

Activities at Sweden’s Big Slap Festival are only beginning to wrap up. However, the news is already starting to make its way across the pond. Seemingly, the event is going smoothly as any potential setbacks aren’t currently making the news. Therefore, it comes as a surprise to discover an altercation involving Swedish legend KAAZE which took place earlier in the evening. Apparently, he and his wife/manager Samantha should “Go F**k yourself” according to security and event promoters.

According to KAAZE, he was enjoying the event which had artists such as Timmy Trumpet, David Guetta, and Nicky Romero on the bill. As a guest of Timmy Trumpet, KAAZE is enjoying the festival at first. At some point, an altercation breaks out resulting in security slamming KAAZE to the ground. After enduring various insults against his brand and personal character, local police facilitate his removal from the grounds. Check out his full post on the altercation here.

An altercation at Big Slap festival left KAAZE less than pleased with event promoters and security.

As of this writing, no response is coming from the Big Slap Festival camp regarding the altercation. However, from the looks of things, KAAZE doesn’t plan on letting this go anytime soon. Furthermore, it’s not yet clear as to why KAAZE’s removal from the festival is necessary. Hopefully, some of these questions get answers soon. Stay with us as we continue following news of this developing story.