Foto: Eskil J. Nielsen-Ferreira

Swedish House Mafia treated us to a great comeback performance at Ultra Europe in Croatia on July 14. Then they were scheduled to play Weekend Festival in Finland just five days later. Unfortunately, that performance was cancelled due to “production issues that couldn’t be fixed short on notice.” Was it a cop out again or legitimate excuse? Steve Angello is here to settle the score.

An apparent conversation with Steve in the DMs of the @shmworldwide page is circulating.

Here are the details:

With their backline equipment broken due to rain, they needed to play off less ideal circumstances. Unable to bring their desired equipment, they cannot possibly play. We know that their music is something special to them and it takes time to produce. So to force a halfway decent show is not going to be their style.

“We don’t do normal Dj sets anymore. We play off synths, drum machines and samplers so it’s not as easy as plug and play like most Dj acts out there.” – Steve Angello

He does make a point, and if something breaks, they are indeed going to have a bad time. Their highly anticipated return on tour has thrown the world into a fit of raging expectation. It’s been said that if they simply notified us, then people wouldn’t get upset.

To that, Angello replies that people always get upset anyway. There isn’t much they can do and they waste a lot of money every time. Then the message cuts off and we don’t know what he refers to. Could it be every time they cancel a show?

Since rumors of their cancellations have been about the trio being back only for the money, perhaps it would be wise they supply a decent reason.

SHM is scheduled for their final performance at Ushuaia in Ibiza on July 26th. Next, they head to Frequency Festival in Austria on August 16. Following that, it is Openair Festival in Switzerland on August 23. Lastly, they take on Creamfields in the UK on August 25. There are two final dates in September with unknown destinations.

As we wait with baited breath, who knows.