Swedish House Mafia is once again full of surprises. The trio have just revealed their up coming collaboration with legendary Harlem native rapper A$AP Rocky.

All through A$AP Rocky has just been reported that he is momentarily serving time in jail; following a physical altercation in Sweden. Swedish House Mafia have posted about the rapper on Instagram teasing a new project.

This up coming collaboration is far from what fans expected during this time, but this new single can change the game for dance music. By blending the two worlds of hip-hop and dance; the experimental track, “Frankenstein” is destine to be one for the books.

While sharing on social media, Sebastian Ingrosso included #JusticeForRocky hashtag in his Instagram story; to contribute to spreading the message that A$AP Rocky is currently serving unfair time in Sweden.

Sit tight, because Swedish House Mafia and A$AP Rocky’s rumored “Frankenstein” collaboration is going to set the bar high.