Samsung Announcing Galaxy Note 10 on August 7

Samsung has some exciting news. On August 7th at 4PM ET, Samsung will be announcing its latest Galaxy Note 10. The new smartphone will be presented at the Unpacked event, held in the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY.  There is a lot of buzz around the possible features of this new device. Notably, including more sizes. and the possibility of four different models.

Samsung has released a short video promoting the event. For one thing, the clip has very little information as to what exactly will be displayed. In the video, there is an S Pen and a camera lens over a white backdrop, leaving many questions as to what powerful capabilities this new phone has. 

Issues with the Galaxy Fold

Samsung Announcing Galaxy 10

In spite of the big news, Samsung’s last big release, the Galaxy Fold, had an unfortunate launch. Technical issues around the device prevented the phone from hitting stores on time. Samsung co-CEO DJ Koh says the Galaxy Fold moved towards the market “before it was ready,” leading to the many issues. Furthermore, this included a delay just before it was supposed to ship to customers. According to a statement made in The Independent, Koh said “It was embarrassing.” Since this incident, the phone has still yet to be released to the general public. Kang Yun-Je, head of Samsung Electronic’s design team said:

“Smartphone design has hit a limit, that’s why we designed a folding phone…” expanding further “But we’re also focusing on other devices that are beginning to make a wider impact on the market, like smart earphones and smart watches. In five years or so, people will not even realise they are wearing screens. It will be seamless.”

To sum up, big news is coming for Samsung. Tune in one August 7th to see what exciting news Samsung has to share.