The Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival is back! Taking place from March 5-8, 2020, get ready for their comeback.

On July 25, the Okeechobee County Commission approved Soundslinger’s request to hold the Music and Arts Festival at Sunshine Grove. Furthermore, Insomniac will join in producing.

More About This Festival

This unique festival takes place within 600 pristine acres of wooded areas and a lake. Even more, there is even going to be a beach. Most festivals usually take place in urban areas. Known for their concert lineup, OMF boasts three stages, and the Jungle 51 rumble at night. Its atmosphere is all inclusive, with sunrise yoga, meditation, art installations and performances. The Big Quiet group guided meditation could also return.

OMF started in 2016 and has had three great years. They’ve contributed to local nonprofit organizations and provided meals for the insecure. To add on, they’ve donated reusable camping gear from attendees to homeless veterans. Because of this, they are the definition of a green festival.

This festival accomplished two missions: providing services to domestic violence victims and help prevent abuse that occurs in families. Additionally, attendees shared moments with them and spread the love.

Allowing the Substance Abuse Coalition as a vendor gave them funds to ignite Okeechobee Healthy Start. This gave support to mothers in need. Nobody opposes this festival ever. Festival organizers actually plan to increase their local nonprofit vendors.

It takes a whole community to put this thing together. Actually, 40,000 festival fans, volunteers, and staff to be exact. Due to that, the sheriff’s office is concerned with security. However, the organizers will do everything humanly possible to make sure things run smoothly.

Conversations have come up regarding the dates of the event. Whether it conflicts with the annual Speckled Perch Festival and Cattlemen Rodeo, it’s still in talks.

Watch out for the preliminary lineup announcement in October. Its final release is in November. Welcome back OMF!