Moksi is a Dutch duo that make house music. They got noticed by Yellow Claw and are now veterans of the Barong Family label. Today, they teamed up with rapper Lil Debbie on a groovy new tune, titled ‘So Fly‘. As the title suggests, this new record is ‘so fly’.

The song starts with classic house drums and background synths. Then, Lil Debbie comes in to throw down a hard, lyrical rap verse. This is definitely one that will get you feeling yourself. The drop turns into a groovy bassline accompanied by a lead melody that will get you moving. In the second half of the drop, Lil Debbie comes back in to hype up the listener saying “I’m so fresh. I’m so fly.” At the end of the first drop, Lil Debbie goes straight into another verse. This new one is definitely the hardest house song you’ll hear in terms of lyrics.

All in all, Moksi outdid themselves with this new record. They thought of producing a house record with a rap verse, which is unusual for the genre. While it’s an experimental idea, they stayed loyal to the Barong Family by teaming up with Lil Debbie, another member of Barong. This is just the first single releasing from Moksi’s debut album, ‘The Return of House Music‘. The full release will be coming on August 2nd, 2019. You can listen to ‘So Fly’ down below now.