In the music world, there has always been an impression that some hip-hop artists don’t translate well to live shows because they don’t put in the time to add something fresh to the live setting. This plus the risk of late arrivals and no-shows, and you always have a bit of a risk with a rap tour of festival set. Lil Wayne just reinforced this concern big time.

Weezy kicked off his co-headlining tour with Blink-182 in late June, and it seems as though it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

The unlikely twosome has shared some good times, thus far, on July 11, 2019, the sunshine began to fade…

During a tour stop at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA, Lil Wayne shocked fans by hinting this may be his last night on tour.

“Please forgive me,” he said in a fan-filmed now viral video, “but I am so not used to performing to a crowd and there’s not too many, you know, like still, that’s not my swag. “I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to do this tour,” “but make some noise for blink-182 for including me anyway.” He continued, “This might be my last night though, let’s go.” 

Following his impromptu revelation, the American rapper left the stage after only four songs.

His performing lasted for but a mere total of 20-minutes, leaving fans craving more.

The future of the tour remains unknown, specifically Wayne’s involvement. The tour is scheduled to run through September, next stop in Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor, Maine on Saturday night

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