Kraysh is one of the enticing names on Mat Zo‘s label, MAD ZOO, who’s gracing us with his ‘Void EP‘. The immersively dark, metallic, and atmospheric EP collects three songs containing the previously released ‘Void‘ title track featuring fknsyd. Topping that off, the producer celebrated the release with a Reddit AMA which took place on July 15. Encompassing, Kraysh went into more detail regarding the tracklist hosting ‘Void’, ‘Boreal Twilight‘ and ‘Devium‘.


First up on the ‘Void EP’, the title track featuring fknsyd’s airy and ambient vocals immediately grabs. As soon as I heard it on release day, I knew there was a lot more to look forward to. It’s quite hard to describe the track making it feel refreshing packing itself with hooking sound textures. Adding onto that, the producer took to the MAD ZOO Twitch channel going over his project. Finally, the artist showcased additionally immersive elements when he posted a short video for the song.

Boreal Twilight + Devium:

Taking a break from the hypnotizing and expressive first track, the ambient ‘Boreal Twilight’ takes stage. In his Reddit AMA, Kraysh exclaimed the track was the easiest out of the 3 to make since he faces less difficulty creating ambient experimental music. Nonetheless, it serves as an apt transmission between the ambiance of ‘Void’ into the hard-hitting and gritty ‘Devium’. Starting the final track, you might be tricked into believing it’s calm and symphonically oriented. Soon after, the percussive elements introduce the pounding and gritty kicks accompanied by twisted synthesizers. Overall, the tracks felt like they belonged together and sit neatly in MAD ZOO’s library of music.


On a final note, MAD ZOO hosts a net of artists and music which is without a doubt worth looking into. They’ve consistently pushed for a greater variety of passion-filled art, and it shows in their releases. For example, look no further than their 12 track ‘This Is MAD ZOO‘ compilation linked here.

Listen to Kraysh’s ‘Void EP’ out on MAD ZOO below!