The Island From Fyre Festival Promo is For Sale

We may have just found an offer you can’t refuse. Saddleback Cay, the private island seen in the Announcing Fyre Festival promotional video, is up for sale. Offering 35-acres and 360 degrees of ocean views, it could all be yours for $11.8 million. Imagine what you could do with a private island of this size, all to yourself. Unless of course, you have plans to relaunch a Fyre Festival 2.0 for all of us.

According to the listing, the private island includes 7 beaches, a main house, and ancillary buildings. Of course, power, water, and transportation, to and from the island, is another obstacle to be aware of. Listing agent John Christie, told Forbes that there might not be such thing as bad publicity, especially with Fyre. After the heavily watched Hulu and Netflix Fyre Festival documentaries, the island may sell rather quickly.

“I actually had a buyer the next day after it aired…”

While this island was used for the Fyre Festival’s promotional video, the festival itself, was never planned for this specific island. Supermodels Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin were prominent figures filmed on Saddleback Cay, hoping to attract global audiences for the legendary festival. With over a hundred islands in the Bahama area, why not choose a slice of history?

Lastly, have a look at the promotional video below to see more of Saddleback Cay and what $11.8 million could buy.