‘Flow State’ Truly Mesmerizes Fans In Mindfulness-Inspired LP

Flow State from Above & Beyond was released today. And it’s magical. The 49-minute panoramic journey of ambient, warm, and moving compositions are just enough to touch the heart and soul of anyone listening.

This new musical journey began in 2014 at Burning Man at the Robot Heart camp. Members Paavo Siljamäki, Tony McGuiness, and renowned yogi Elena Brower led a 40-minute yoga session. Then, the experience was posted and now has over 2 million plays on Soundcloud. This set was positively received by all electronic and yoga communities alike.

Then, it inspired A&B to open their biggest events, such as Anjunabeach and ABGT 250, with these guided classes. At the end of this month, the band will be hosting fans at the Group Therapy Weekender festival at The Gorge. Sunday, July 28th, the day will begin with a yoga set.

Those who cannot attend the upcoming Weekender can still experience serenity and peace. The LP is designed to be listened to in its entirety. Hopefully, listeners will return to reality focused and aware of their headspace. It’s a natural journey to encourage comfort, appreciation, and calm. “Think movement, meditation, and self-reflection – essentially an auditory hug that inspires you to dance into flow state.

Above & Beyond – Flow State

For many years, Paavo has encouraged A&B’s fanbase to focus on their mental health and self-compassion. In fact, he focuses on encouraging them to support one another at any point in he or shes life. In July 2018, the producer wrote to his fans about his own struggles. The letter and overall message positively affected millions. And now, he has provided some insight to Flow State:

“Our music has always been about getting in touch with, and understanding and accepting our emotions. After those amazing yoga sets, we realized that there is a bigger place for this more reflective music within our little universe. With the Flow State project, we want to help bring people’s attention and focus on helping themselves find better mental fitness and overall happiness in life. Through raised awareness, being more present, one can reach a state of flow: a creative and free state of mind where time, fear and stress dissipate.”

Elena and Paavo led the LP’s launch yoga party in NYC on the morning of July 17th. A quick recap video is below!

For these experiences, A&B has partnered with the company Daybreaker! If you’re able to attend, check out the website for ticket information!