[Event Review] JOYRYDE Goes Full Throttle At Brave World Tour: Hollywood Palladium

Photo By: Nate Vogel

Our adrenaline is still pumping after the wild ride that Joyryde took us on during his Brave World Tour: Los Angeles show on Friday, July 26th, 2019 at Hollywood Palladium. With lines out the door for a sold-out show, This is definitely Joyryde’s most epic show of the year.

Stage Production Designed For Ryders

Extremely passionate about music and cars, Joyryde transformed Palladium into his warehouse/garage for the night. Thousands of ryders shuffled into the venue to fill the dancefloors. Large LED panels adorned all sides of the stage, including a panel hanging above the DJ booth. Throughout the show, the LED panels and lasers accommodated each song seamlessly with captivating visuals. In 2016, Joyryde’s Avalon Hollywood show featured a 1969 matte black Dodge Charger that parked below the DJ booth. This time, Joyryde brought out TWO, classic red Lamborghini Countachs that sat on rotating platforms throughout his performance. These are some of the most iconic, exotic supercars to come out of the 1980s–and extremely rare! Gracing the stage beside the Lamborghinis included dancers wearing panda ski masks dressed as mechanics and angels. Joyryde’s stage production never ceases to amaze with vigorous attention to detail to create a sonic level of audiovisual perfection.

The Fast Lane Through The Brave Show

Whenever Joyryde is in town for his own show, it is without hesitation to say that his opening acts never disappoint. Nick Ledesma, ALRT, and Schade put the keys in the ignition, warming up the audience appropriately. ALRT‘s energy and Schade‘s ‘West Coast House’ definitely kicked the gears into a hot warmup drive leading up to Joyryde’s opening.

As the lights dimmed, Joyryde upshifted the show into a mesmerizing start with his massive, energy-fueled opening. After playing several minute mashups of his hit songs as a staggering intro, Joyryde dropped the clutch and sent the performance into hyperdrive. By this point, the music and lights engulfed the atmosphere as everyone shouted, “WHAT’S IN THE F*** BOX!?” After the LED panels on stage lifted, two Lamborghini Countachs were unveiled amidst the mystifying squall of lasers and lights. With the suicide doors wide open, Joyryde played “Hari Kari” to welcome his dancers as CO2 blasted from the base of the stage.


W H A T S I N T H E B O X = L A M B O R G H I N I the moment in my los angeles show / july 26th where we reveal whats inside the box, 2 lamborghini countachs. Lamborghini

Posted by JOYRYDE on Monday, July 29, 2019

We have so much respect for Jonney Ford (Joyryde)’s ability to evolve and innovate any genre, especially his eclectic taste in bass music. The endless horizons within his two-hour performance allowed Joyryde to seamlessly transition between a plethora of different genres. From his original tracks to a little bit of house, and finishing off his performance with some deep drum n bass, we literally couldn’t swerve away from the magnetism of his set. We heard tracks from Valentino Khan, Skrillex, Habstrakt, Redlight UK, Virtual Self, and many more. By continually using bits of one song leading up to build-ups of another, Joyryde delivered an electrifying, capricious performance.

Photo by: tiffprida

Drifting Into BRAVE

A mastermind architect at creating truly remarkable experiences, Joyryde continues to transcend the limits as a phenomenal artist, DJ, and producer. Joyryde’s having a huge 2019 thus far with two singles released, “IM GONE” and “YUCK” to his forthcoming Brave LP. Till then, the Brave tour continues in two phases through October 2019. Be sure to check tour dates here. Special thanks to Joyryde and his team at Prodigy Artists for throwing down one of the most epic Joyryde shows we’ve seen to date.

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