DJ Mag Top 100 Voting is Now Open

Yes, it’s that time of year again. DJs all over the world take to social media to campaign for the DJ Mag Top 100 list. Voting is open from now until September 18, 2019. Last year, over 1 million people voted for their favorite DJs in over 180 countries (results pictured above). This year, DJ Mag has said that the votes will surpass last year’s number.

The DJ Mag Top 100 list features everybody from the mainstage superstars to the underground kings. You can find everything from techno to big room to hardstyle to drum and bass on the list. For the past three years, Martin Garrix has taken the number 1 spot and he’s going for the 4th year.

However, this is not all about who the best DJ of 2019 is. DJ Mag has partnered with UNICEF to provide vaccines for children over the world with the money raised from the voting poll.

If you need an incentive to vote, this year, voters will be entered into an exclusive charity prize draw. One winner will be chosen to take a friend to Amsterdam where they will see the world’s Number 1 DJ perform from the Royal Box. This event will also include other leading DJs as well.

Along with the normal Top 100 list, the Alternative Top 100 DJs poll will also make a return. This list will use the information from the main Top 100 poll to create an alternative list of the top house and techno DJs. The goal of this list is to showcase the popularity of house and techno, as the Top 100 list has been dominated by EDM.

Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite DJs of 2019. Whether you vote for the big names or the underground kings, the Top 100 is all up for grabs. Who will remain on top and who will fall? Who will enter to take over in the coming years? The results are all in your hands. Go vote now right here.