Armin Van Buuren is the Trance God that has been worshiped by one and all. The legend has released his latest, ‘Cosmos‘ today under his trance alias ‘Rising Star‘ . The track features the Romanian singer Alexandra Badoi‘s melodic vocals sung in her native language. The uniqueness of AVB’s alias has come to the fore again with the aforementioned vocal aspect of the trance tune playing an important role.

The song is like a beautiful cosmic odyssey. The classic trance era would be proud of something as uplifting as ‘Cosmos‘ and needless to say we recommend it too. An old school vocal trance tune would have sounded like a cliche 20 years ago but not now. We infer that such special and pure trance tunes don’t come around much often. The melodic, hopping bassline with the signature trance music elements are certain to take you trance fans back into time. This musical wormhole will take you to the much forgotten time in space called The era of classic Trance. Have a listen and let us know what you think. Bon Voyage!

Armin van Buuren feat. Rising Star & Alexandra Badoi – Cosmos