A$AP Rocky Faces Assault Charge in Sweden

A$AP Rocky stands trial for an incident that had occurred earlier this month. The online petition to free the rapper has 80,000 signatures. He is still incarcerated despite that and even supposedly treated inhumanely. Surprisingly, even President Trump tried to jump to A$AP Rocky’s rescue and rally behind him. However, Swedish authorities didn’t take it very well and ignored Trump’s request. After weeks of silence and barely any updates, the rapper now faces potential legal punishment for his offense.

The Stockholm prosecutor announced that the rapper and two other men would be tried for “assault causing actual bodily harm”. Additionally, he said that the events constitute a crime. If convicted, A$AP Rocky could face up to two years in prison, however that looks unlikely.

A$AP Rocky was asked if he went by any nicknames during the hearing. “Yes. Rocky, Asap Rocky, pretty mother fu–er, I can’t think of any more,” he supposedly responded based on an investigative report obtained by The Blast.

A$AP Rocky was forced to cancel all shows and festivals scheduled during July as a result of this ongoing situation. Hopefully, things will be resolved soon so the rapper can get back to his normal life.

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