The Tomorrowland 2019 Trailer is Full of Fun Hints

The new trailer for Tomorrowland 2019 just dropped today and fans are excited. The trailer teases many things including all of the past years themes in a ‘secret labyrinth’, the Book of Wisdom, and the key that unlocks Tomorrowland. As you recall the Book of Wisdom was the centerpiece of Tomorrowland Belgium as well as TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland Brazil.

Tomorrowland, known for its mythical and magical themes, has fans waiting in anticipation for the theme. The trailer hints to us that this year’s theme will be a retrospective of all of the previous Tomorrowland themes (and stages).

  • 2011 – Tree of Life – Tree
  • 2012 – Book of Wisdom – Stack of Books
  • 2013 – Arising of Life – Giant Volcano
  • 2014 – Key to Happiness – Steampunk Machine
  • 2015 – Kingdom of Melodia – Massive Castle
  • 2016 – Elixir of Life – Trees with LED screen
  • 2017 – Amicorum Spectaculum – Circus/Carnival
  • 2018 – Planaxis – Underwater World

The trailer teases 9 balls, which we imagine relate to each of the years above and including 2019. But that’s not all. Attendees are all receiving the actual Book of Wisdom with their wristbands. The book is a collaboration with Irish author Sarah Maria Griffin and is a 160-page fantasy story offering a taste of the enchanting world of Tomorrowland. The book has even been written in English, Spanish, French, Germany, and Dutch.

As always Tomorrowland thinks of everything, and then some. Will the book reveal some secrets about this year’s festival and how all of the themes are tied together? We think so.

Watch the trailer here or up above. If you want to see the full lineup, go here.