Love them or hate them the Chainsmokers have been split between two worlds of music. Over the years the Chainsmokers have created their own path walking a fine line between EDM Dj’s and Pop icons. In recent years the duo has seemingly gone the more Pop icon route while still including to using CDj’s in their performances. However, that seems to be changing on their upcoming tour with 5SOS. On The Zach Sang Show, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart answer questions about what to expect in the near future.

Throughout the interview, a variety of topics were discussed including the band’s new live show, as in no use of CDj’s, to their new album World War Joy, and to their entrepreneurial ventures. Interestingly, the duo said that their newest album is about halfway finished. In addition, they noted that the ID’s that they played during Ultra will not be on the upcoming album.

The interview was long and was able to cover a lot of ground. This includes, topics such as making their own production company and a future movie that they will be starring in. Then came the biggest surprise that during the WWJ tour there will be no CDJ’s on stage. However, they did say that they will still have a computer in the back running Ableton. Drew and Alex kept making it a point that they are a band for this tour not Dj’s.

“We figured out a way to give people those dance moments but we don’t need to do it off of CDJs,”

Alex Pall

The whole interview is worth a watch and listen. Check it out below!