It seems like more and more people are making a reputation for themselves by finding creative ways to interact with some of the biggest names in bass. For example, there’s the Fresh Raver, who’s gained worldwide popularity for his memorable meetups with bass DJs by getting them fresh – AKA putting deodorant on them!

Recently, another individual has been rising to stardom in the bass world. The OG Chef and Pitmaster at @PinkertonsBBQ in Houston has BBQ’ed for a long list of DJs, including Ekali, Jauz, Steve Aoki, Adventure Club, Slander, San Holo, Hero Bust, Flosstradamus, and many more!

Thanks to Ekali‘s most recent Tweet, several of the @thebasschef‘s customers—and famous DJs—have chimed in, causing a wave of intrigue among the EDM community.

Jauz hanging with @thebasschef

The self-proclaimed “EDM Legend” is “always cooking something up”. We can’t wait to see who else he’ll have the opportunity to BBQ something delicious for.