[Review] Anjunabeats Montreal Surpassed Expectation

Anjunabeats Montreal
Photo By: Madeleine Plamondon

As part of the Anjunabeats North America tour, the label landed in Montreal for an off-season Piknic event on May 25. The event kicked off at 3pm lasting up until 11pm. Above & Beyond‘s label gathered Tinlicker, Oliver Smith, Spencer Brown, Gabriel & Dresden, Ilan Bluestone, and Jason Ross. That’s also the order in which they performed, and they certainly brought the heat to the dance floor.

To the misfortune of some, the weather forecasts predicted rainfall throughout the day. However, rain or shine, the Montreal fans seemed to be ecstatic and showed up by the numbers. I had the pleasure of walking the grounds and chatting with many fans, each enthusiastic about their favorite performer. Anjuna clearly has a passionate following here when witnessing the number of merchandise items worn and flags fluttering.

Taking me by surprise, the rain made the atmosphere feel more intimate to me, effectively amplifying the sense of unity in the crowd. Furthering that, Parc Jean-Drapeau which hosts the event has an alluring scenery to it.

Going through the doors, I was greeted by a few food trucks offering a wide selection of items for anyone seeking to serve their cravings. It doesn’t end there as the ground is crawling with bar areas with a limited yet satisfying variety of drinks.

Food Truck & Bar

Having been to a Piknic event a year earlier, I had some expectations regarding my experience. The Anjunabeats tour blew them out of the water, and my face was stuck with a smile on it. Without a doubt, here lied my favorite outdoor musical experience.

Now it’s gotten dark, yet many seem to still be there. Watching people dance tirelessly enjoying each moment will always be a fond memory of mine. Bringing the show to an end, Jason and Spencer went to meet the crowd. They ended up greeting them, taking pictures and signing their desired items. In tradition which I see in many shows, there were some people collecting signatures from all the Anjuna artists. Looking at it, I found it to be pleasant having a sort of testament to all the memories one shares with their passion.

To wrap up the night, leaving the venue left me hearing the numbers of fans arguing for their favorite performance. All in all, the Piknic event seemed to be unblemished for many of the endearing people who gathered there.

Photos taken by: Madeleine Plamondon