The ground is going to be shaking July 6th, 2019 at San Bernardino’s NOS Event Center once again. Project Z has just announced their highly anticipated lineup for one of Insomniac’s most successful events.

Basscon (hardstyle & hardcore) and Bassrush (drum & bass, dubstep, and trap), sub-genres of the Insomniac brand, have brought their A-game this year. Artists such as Adventure Club, will be returning from their hiatus with a bang, FuntCase, Liquid Stranger, Riot Ten, and Calyx & Teebee will lead the Bassrush side.

Basscon is also bringing the heavy hitters with the widely known Wasted Penguins, Gammer B2B k?d (a must see!), Kutski, Frontlier, and Inkeft.

If you’re new to the bass and hard music scene, use this event as a time to explore and go towards the unfamiliar! There’s going to be no wrong choice with this lineup. With three stages, fans will have plenty of bass to take in for the day. Tickets start at just $50 on Frontgate. Make sure to wear ear protection! Your ears will thank you later.