Porter Robinson‘s sold out two-day ‘Second Sky‘ festival is planning to live-stream the event on Twitch!

On Saturday June 15, Second Sky partners with Twitch in its music section to bring you the festival’s live stream. As of this moment, selective sets that are determined to show up on the stream have yet to be decided. For fans fearing to miss out on ‘Worlds Live‘, don’t fret as the performance will top the stream supposedly at the end. The live show is due to begin on Twitch at 4PM Pacific Time through 10PM.

To top things off, there will be an option to donate to the Robinson Malawi Fund in real time. If you haven’t caught the news, the music festival will also host a booth for donating and they aim to reach $50,000. If you want to know more pertaining to the festival’s part, you can check out the link here. For more information on the fund itself alongside supporting the cause, you can visit this page.

Twitch partnered up with many events previously to stream musical projects. It’s note-worthy to mention their efforts with streaming live and DJ acts from stages at gaming conferences too. It’s a global community averaging one million coming together to interact with live entertainment. The company mainly received notoriety from the video game industry, and it’s clearly trying to take their efforts further.

For reference, Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Music Festival will be live streamed on Twitch at this link.