Parklife Festival-Goers Critically Ill After Taking ‘Skype’ Ecstasy Pills


Summer is now in full swing, with people all around the world attending their favorite music festivals and events. While everyone wants to have a fun and memorable time, it’s crucial to make smart decisions and look out for one another. According to reports, five attendees at this past weekend’s Parklife Festival, are in critical condition after taking ‘super-strength’ ecstasy pills.

“There’s 80,000 of you in a park all there for one reason, to have the time of your lives and enjoy the music… Look after each other.”

Parklife, which attracted around 80,000 people, saw 42 arrests overall, down from 52 last year. 23 of those arrests were drug related, including a 20-year-old found to be supplying drugs during the event. Saturday night, drug awareness group The Loop shared images of the dangerous ‘Skype’ pills as a preemptive warning (Below). The group confirmed the pills were “linked to welfare cases” during the event. Additionally, further testing found the pills to contain 250-300mg of MDMA, three times higher than the normal pill.

Sacha Lord, current Parklife boss, wished attendees a safe and fun weekend before the festival. He encouraged everyone to look out for one another. Lord and police were aware drugs would be present at the event but did everything they could to keep attendees safe. As of now, there are no updates on the conditions of those transported to local hospitals. Learn more about drug safety and testing on The Loop’s website here.